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How to Move Off of WordPress.com to Your Own Hosted Site

How to Move Off of WordPress.com to Your Own Hosted Site

This is a guide to exporting a blog off of wordpress.com, to your own site using the application provided by wordpress.org. Some back information, wordpress.org is where the actual program wordpress.org is located, and you can download and install on a server. Instead of hosting it yourself though, you can have wordpress.com host it for your at different price levels for different features. If you already have a wordpress.com account, but now want to move off the service, then this post will help you.

Coding in Object Oriented Javascript

Object Javascript Class

Image by Eric Peters

A warning to everyone, this is a more geeky post than normal. It is going to be about how to do [tooltip content=”A programming paradigm using “objects” data structures” url=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-oriented_programming” ]object oriented programming[/tooltip] in JavaScript. I have spent the last couple days working on a [tooltip content=”A JavaScript Library that is designed to make coding more efficient” url=”http://jquery.com/” ]jQuery[/tooltip] plugin, and a WordPress plugin to make a sideshow carousel of the most recent post for a blog. I will post both for free, once I have all the bugs worked out. It is the one that is running on the site.