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SilverStripe Review

Silverstripe CMS reviewWhen I did my last church website project, I decided to try out a new [tooltip content=”content management system” url=”” ]CMS[/tooltip]. I wanted one that was completely PHP5, I did not want it to have all the cruft of PHP4. One that was PHP and Mysql also meant that it could be used in about any webhost. I also wanted something I could control as the developer, and easy for other people to update. I decided SilverStripe was the perfect option.

Test All the Fonts on Your Computer at Once

see all the fonts on the computer

Photo by Eric Peters

I have made a program that will display all the fonts on your computer at once with a given text. You can check it out at All Font Tester. I got frustrated that such a program did not exist when I was designing a logo for this website. Most program gives a specific word in that font. They do not allow me to see the phrase I wanted in all the fonts on the computer at once. Since I wanted such a program, I figured other people would too. I used java to get the list of fonts installed on the user’s computer. Then everything is passed to JavaScript for the actual displaying of the fonts. I only used java because I had to. I think Java applets are ugly and take a long time to load. I used jQuery for all the JavaScript. Since it is mostly in JavaScript, it looks really nice and updates in real-time. Check out All Font Tester if you have a logo design project coming up.

Church Website Visitors: Who They Are, What They Want

Visitor Center

Courtesy of HelveticaFanatic

After meeting with many churches about their websites, I have begun to think there is an inconsistent reality to websites. Many churches believe that a lost person will be surfing on the web, randomly find their church website, realize the error of their ways, and go to their church that Sunday. I am not going to say that it will never happen–God is all-powerful, so it can happen. However, there are really 3 different types of visitors that will account for 95% of the traffic on your church website.