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Creating Shapes With CSS

I have been working on a new project where I needed to make shapes with just CSS. I needed the aplication to be as small as possible, so I did not want to use images for the shapes. So I researched how to make the shapes I wanted. If you are designing an app and want the most things to be in CSS as possible, this post will help.

Test All the Fonts on Your Computer at Once

see all the fonts on the computer

Photo by Eric Peters

I have made a program that will display all the fonts on your computer at once with a given text. You can check it out at All Font Tester. I got frustrated that such a program did not exist when I was designing a logo for this website. Most program gives a specific word in that font. They do not allow me to see the phrase I wanted in all the fonts on the computer at once. Since I wanted such a program, I figured other people would too. I used java to get the list of fonts installed on the user’s computer. Then everything is passed to JavaScript for the actual displaying of the fonts. I only used java because I had to. I think Java applets are ugly and take a long time to load. I used jQuery for all the JavaScript. Since it is mostly in JavaScript, it looks really nice and updates in real-time. Check out All Font Tester if you have a logo design project coming up.

Creating Things You Don’t Like

One thing that just about everyone messes up when designing a church website, is creating something the intended audience will like. This is fine if you’re trying to reach people that are just like you. However, I bet you’re trying to market to people that are very different from you. This is not just true for website design; it is true for every piece of marketing for your church or Christian organization: from the domain name, to paper flyers, to music in the church.