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How to Manage and Grow from Stress

Stress management ball

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Stress enters everyone’s lives for multiple reasons. I know I have battled stress, and I am sure everyone else has too. There are several ways to handle stress. Some good some bad. It is important to handle the stress well, and if possible grow from the stress. This post will go through some things that help me handle and grow from stress.

How Not to Make Bad Decisions

bad decision

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I like to say that I make stupid decisions, but if I make a bad decision, then I am in trouble. Stupid decisions are just decisions that I probably would not have made if I knew more about the outcome. Those are no big deal because it is hard to predict outcomes. However, bad decisions are ones that if I would have thought through in the moment, I probably would not have made. They are the ones that if I would have thought about for 5 more minutes, I would have not made. One very good way I have found to avoid them is to realize when I am emotionally compromised.