How Not to Make Bad Decisions

bad decision

Photo by Dr Stephen Dann

I like to say that I make stupid decisions, but if I make a bad decision, then I am in trouble. Stupid decisions are just decisions that I probably would not have made if I knew more about the outcome. Those are no big deal because it is hard to predict outcomes. However, bad decisions are ones that if I would have thought through in the moment, I probably would not have made. They are the ones that if I would have thought about for 5 more minutes, I would have not made. One very good way I have found to avoid them is to realize when I am emotionally compromised.

Coding in Object Oriented Javascript

Object Javascript Class

Image by Eric Peters

A warning to everyone, this is a more geeky post than normal. It is going to be about how to do [tooltip content=”A programming paradigm using “objects” data structures” url=”” ]object oriented programming[/tooltip] in JavaScript. I have spent the last couple days working on a [tooltip content=”A JavaScript Library that is designed to make coding more efficient” url=”” ]jQuery[/tooltip] plugin, and a WordPress plugin to make a sideshow carousel of the most recent post for a blog. I will post both for free, once I have all the bugs worked out. It is the one that is running on the site.

How to Keep All Passwords Safe

Keep password safe

Photo by David Ashleydale

I hate trying to remember a lot of different passwords. So I don’t. I use Lastpass Password Safe. It is my favorite browser extension. Also, it is works with basically any browser. You just add it to your browser, give it a master password, and it remembers all the passwords you use for sites from then on. It has an automatic form filler which has saved me lots of time.

Some people will question the security, since your passwords are stored on their servers. All the information is encrypted with your master password, though. A while back, their servers got compromised. No one’s passwords were stolen, though. They were straight about it, and told everyone about it immediately. This makes me want to trust them more. My Lastpass Password suggestion is to stop using easy to guess passwords. Have one really difficult password, and let Lastpass handle the rest.

Creating an Action Plan


Action Plan

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An action plan is very important to getting things done. I know  they know that they have to take action to get things done, but many times it seems like people forget. Creating an action plan is usually in the forefront of my mind, so it is something I put a lot of effort in. I might need to spend more time on adding details to the vision, but I think the action plan is very important.

SilverStripe Review

Silverstripe CMS reviewWhen I did my last church website project, I decided to try out a new [tooltip content=”content management system” url=”” ]CMS[/tooltip]. I wanted one that was completely PHP5, I did not want it to have all the cruft of PHP4. One that was PHP and Mysql also meant that it could be used in about any webhost. I also wanted something I could control as the developer, and easy for other people to update. I decided SilverStripe was the perfect option.