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How to block a referer ddos attack with fail2ban

How to block a referer ddos attack with fail2ban

A site in Algeria was sending thousands of requests to a server that I manage. On various pages of their site they had hotlinked an image from our site. However, our site did not have that image on it, so I have no idea what it trying to do. Since it was getting a 404, it was not really bogging down the server, but I would rather it get stopped at the firewall level. That way it would not slow down Apache at all. To do that I used Fail2Ban. Here are the steps I used to do this.

Cheapest Online Donation Tools for Nonprofits


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If your like me, I forget to tithe and end up making a big check that includes about 2 months of tithes. I know it is small, but I always forget to bring a check. One way around that is online donation. I researched many online donation tools, and found the cheapest.

Church Website Visitors: Who They Are, What They Want

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After meeting with many churches about their websites, I have begun to think there is an inconsistent reality to websites. Many churches believe that a lost person will be surfing on the web, randomly find their church website, realize the error of their ways, and go to their church that Sunday. I am not going to say that it will never happen–God is all-powerful, so it can happen. However, there are really 3 different types of visitors that will account for 95% of the traffic on your church website.