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How Not to Distract Your Audience

Don't distract your audiance

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Sometimes I can get easily distracted. When a church has a projector and has nothing to put on the screen, please just use a blank black slide. Do not just put a picture of a dove, or an animation of a waterfall just because it looks cool. It is distracting. Just because  you have a projector does not mean you have to use it all the time. A good blank slide gives my eyes rest and helps me focus on the preacher. When there is random stuff on the screen, my eyes go to the screen and not the preacher. A black slide will make the projector emit the least amount of light possible, short of turning it off. It makes sure I am not pulled away from the preacher towards the screen.


Blank is Beautiful

Gifts Fuel the Passion to Upload Sermons

Full Service

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No one can do everything–a foot cannot see and a eye cannot walk. You may think that anyone can record and upload sermons to the internet . . . but they cannot. Uploading sermons takes a lot of time and effort. It is something that has to be worked on every week, and it is the same steps every week. It takes a person with a special gift to do it.

Uploading Sermon Audio Online for Free

This is the most annoying part of the whole process: posting your sermon to the Internet. Depending on your Internet connection, this can take ages. There are many places that will host your sermon audio files for a price. I prefer free, though. To do this I use This website is technically a library, and works at archiving all types of media. The best part is they will host your original media for free.

Recording the Audio From a Sermon

The first part of posting sermons online is to record them. You can of course bring in a digital recorder and record it that way. However, that would lead to very bad sound quality. The best way to get good audio is to have your pastor use a microphone, and record the sermon off the sound system.