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How to Welcome a Visitor to Your Church

Hello, Welcome Visitor

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When a new person enters a church, they want to feel welcome. That is not just true for churches, anytime anyone goes anywhere they want to feel welcome, it is human nature. There are many things your church can do to help with that, and many things that can hurt your welcoming atmosphere. This post will go through some advice on how to do it.

Get Attendees to Your Event

I was reading some of the blogs I like to read earlier this week, when I saw a blog post by Seth Godin. Seth Godin is a genius marketer. If you do not already read his blog, do yourself a favor and subscribe to it. He has brilliant ideas about marketing. One of his blog posts was called Why we prefer live. It is about why people come to a live event instead of just watching, or listening to it in the comforts of there home. I agree with Seth on some points and disagree on some points.

To explain I will use the case study of the Mirror Lake Jump.

Creating Things You Don’t Like

One thing that just about everyone messes up when designing a church website, is creating something the intended audience will like. This is fine if you’re trying to reach people that are just like you. However, I bet you’re trying to market to people that are very different from you. This is not just true for website design; it is true for every piece of marketing for your church or Christian¬†organization: from the domain name, to paper flyers, to music in the church.