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Problem: Adobe Reader Showing Text Only When You Click On It

Problem: Adobe Reader Showing Text Only When You Click On It

So I ran in to a weird problem that I thought I would share the reason for it and the solution. I had some PDFs that had form fillable fields. They were filled out by people and sent in. The problem was that the all the fields were blank unless you clicked on them, then the data was shown. After some googling I found out that if a person fills out the form on a Mac using Preview instead of the actual adobe reader, it saves it in a buggy way. The way to solve the problem is to open the file in adobe acrobat, export the data, then import it back in.

A Computer Science Theory Class Was Actually Useful At My Job

A Computer Science Theory Class Was Actually Useful At My Job

I got a Computer Science & Engineering degree a few years ago. Most of the things I learned in school I have never used in any job. I never need to draw a finite state machine, or know how the path a hard drive takes to get at non-continuous data, or understand the caching mechanism of the L1 cache is, or Von Neumann architecture. Most of the skills I have needed in my job, I have learned on my own, or I have learned because the problem came up at work, and I had to learn the skill extremely fast. However, this week, I ran into a problem that would take me a long time to figure out the problem if I had not had my computer theory classes.

An employee was trying to get a sum total of several record together to equal 0, but even though the math was right it was coming up with 7.13249493E-14. This looks like a big number, but it is really just the computer’s way of writing in scientific notation  7.13249493 x 10-14, which is really 0.0000000000000713249493. This is a very small number, when I saw this I knew what it was.

Creating Shapes With CSS

I have been working on a new project where I needed to make shapes with just CSS. I needed the aplication to be as small as possible, so I did not want to use images for the shapes. So I researched how to make the shapes I wanted. If you are designing an app and want the most things to be in CSS as possible, this post will help.

Coding in Object Oriented Javascript

Object Javascript Class

Image by Eric Peters

A warning to everyone, this is a more geeky post than normal. It is going to be about how to do [tooltip content=”A programming paradigm using “objects” data structures” url=”” ]object oriented programming[/tooltip] in JavaScript. I have spent the last couple days working on a [tooltip content=”A JavaScript Library that is designed to make coding more efficient” url=”” ]jQuery[/tooltip] plugin, and a WordPress plugin to make a sideshow carousel of the most recent post for a blog. I will post both for free, once I have all the bugs worked out. It is the one that is running on the site.

How to Keep All Passwords Safe

Keep password safe

Photo by David Ashleydale

I hate trying to remember a lot of different passwords. So I don’t. I use Lastpass Password Safe. It is my favorite browser extension. Also, it is works with basically any browser. You just add it to your browser, give it a master password, and it remembers all the passwords you use for sites from then on. It has an automatic form filler which has saved me lots of time.

Some people will question the security, since your passwords are stored on their servers. All the information is encrypted with your master password, though. A while back, their servers got compromised. No one’s passwords were stolen, though. They were straight about it, and told everyone about it immediately. This makes me want to trust them more. My Lastpass Password suggestion is to stop using easy to guess passwords. Have one really difficult password, and let Lastpass handle the rest.