How to Move Off of to Your Own Hosted Site

How to Move Off of to Your Own Hosted Site

This is a guide to exporting a blog off of, to your own site using the application provided by Some back information, is where the actual program is located, and you can download and install on a server. Instead of hosting it yourself though, you can have host it for your at different price levels for different features. If you already have a account, but now want to move off the service, then this post will help you.

Buying a Domain Name

If you do not have a domain name already, you will want to get one. My preferred registrar is Namecheap. They are as the name suggests, cheap. Also, their interface does not try and upsell you with a pages of extra features every time you try and buy something… cough…GoDaddy.

Buy a Webhosting Service

You will need to install the application from on a new host. I use my own vps server on Linode. This is advanced, and there are MUCH easier ways to do this though. For an easier install, I would use Hawkhost as a shared hosting provider. On Hawkhost you can automatically install wordpress from their control panel, or you can go for the easier wordpress hosting plan.

Exporting the WordPress Blog

In your admin center in, go to the WP Admin, and click the Tools->Export. Then check All Content, and download the file. You will get an XML file that holds all your blog information.

Export WordPress Blog from

Download export of blogImport WordPress Blog from Backup

Now in the newly installed wordpress website go to Tools->Import, and click the install wordpress importer plugin.

Install WordPress Importer

After it is installed and activated it will ask you for the XML file you created in the pervious step.

Export WordPress Followers to New Site

Unfortunately, the export did not export the followers to you blog that you had. You will need to go through some more steps to do that. Follow the steps outlined at to complete this process. The thing that tripped me up is that you will want to make sure that you are in the new site and not the old site to import the followers. I had trouble with this part, but I emailed support, and they helped me out greatly with this process.

Redirect subdomain to a new domain

If you were using domain you were using you will want to redirect it to your new domain name for a while. You can do so at As of writing this, the cost was $13/year. If you used this domain a lot, then I would suggest using the redirect for a year for people to get used to the new domain. On the page you enter in your new domain, and activate the service.

redirect subdomain to new domain

All Done!

You will want to mess around with your blog’s appearance, and other settings, but you are all done importing things!

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