Cheap Stock Photos

Cheap Stock Photos

A lot of time that I spend on this blog is looking for free legal photos. I have used:

I have also used and restricted my search by Creative Commons License. I do this by clicking advanced search and selecting “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content”, “Find content to use commercially”, and “Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon”. I can then use the images legally by making sure I reference the user and link to where I got it from.

I have found a really good solution for stock photos in Dollar Photo Club. It is $99 for 99 photos that I can use them up in a year. Compared to other websites this is very cheap. It saves me a lot of time, I no longer have to scour other sites for my blog post image. It is very much worth $99. This post’s image is from the same site.

UPDATE: Dollar Photo Club has been bought and replaced by Adobe Stock. Boooooo!

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