How Bitcoin Tempted Me Three Times

How Bitcoin Tempted Me Three Times

I have been tempted many times in my life. However, my experience investing in bitcoin has tempted my in interesting ways. Here are the 3 times I have been tempted.

  1. The first time was when I bought some bitcoins from a service. I used it a few times within a few months with no problems. One day I logged in, and it said I had $2000 in bitcoins more than I should have. I looked at my balance sheet for 5 minutes to try and figure out what happened. I finally figured out that the service had made a mistake. for about 20 seconds I had the most evil thought. That they would not notice it. That if I took the money there was no way they could get it back. After a few thoughts like that, I realized that if I did not send an email now, it would only get harder. I notified the service about it. They thanked me, took back most of the money, but let me keep $100 in bitcoins for free. I thanked them for the guilt free bitcoin.
  2. I did not act as admirably. I ordered a $200 bitcoin miner. I later got in the mail a $2000 miner. I thought that I would have to send it back, which would be a pain. Then it would take them a while to send me the right one, and the difficulty was going up at a good pace. I hooked it up and let it run. Three days later I went to church, and my pastor had a sermon on money. In my mind I though “Crap!” So I reluctantly emailed the company of the mistake. They gracefully let me keep it, so Wooo!
  3. A few months later I got another package in the mail. It was the original $200 miner that I was supposed to get in the first place. I Sent another email to the company. They said keep it again. So wooo again!

So it has been a weird experience investing in bitcoin. I am extremely lucky that I was able to the right thing, and keep some free stuff. I am not proud of the thoughts that I had before I emailed the various companies, or how long it took me to send the email in the second case. I am forever grateful that God helped my do the right thing.

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