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The second component to body language is the face, and eyes. It is important when doing a presentation and even when talking to people to have correct body language. This post will help people feel more engaged when you are talking, and feel like you are listening when they are talking. This will help you lead more effectively, and to have better conversations with people.

Facial expressions


No one wants to talk to or even to listen to a person that is a downer, so smile. Act like you enjoy what you are saying. Act like you are enjoying listening to another person.


This is not a facial expression. Just a way of thinking. If you are enthusiastic it will come through in your facial expressions. You will not even have to worry about smiling. Haveing some enthusiasm will also show through in the expressions you make with the rest of your body. Enthusiasm is contagious. So if you are enthusiastic about what you are saying, other people will be too.

Eye Contact

In Group

When in a group try to hold eye contact with each person in the group momentarily. People want eye contact, but prolonged eye contact can be a little weird. So maintain eye contact with each person for about 5-10 seconds. It might seem like you will be bating back and forth with your eyes doing that. However, it will be quiet natural the amount of time with each person. This is only when you are talking too. When another person is talking fix your eyes on them.


Like previously stated, maintaining eye contact without occasionally glancing away can be intense. So maintain eye contact when talking and momentarially look away. It will probably be natural, as most people look away when they are thinking. So a quick look away can help make it less like you are stareing. However it is important to maintain eye contact for a good amount of time. When someone has eye contact, it helps show that you have conviction about what you are saying.


It is important that your face and eye contact meld with the rest of your body language. Next will be an post on tone of voice.



about 7 years ago

Body language is really important when you want to succeed in life. And I find that the face and eyes plays a HUGE role to determine a persons confidence especially when we are talking to somebody. Thanks for the post.



about 7 years ago

I really hate it when people are looking down when their talking when they don't look at me or to anyone they are talking to. Thanks for sharing!



about 7 years ago

I really hate it when someone is looking into another direction. Nice post!



about 7 years ago

Aside from confidence, I also use body language as an indicator of someone's sincerity. You may say one thing but your body language can betray you and show that you really are lying. Also, it can help you establish real connections with people.


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