August 2011 Posts

How to Manage and Grow from Stress

Stress management ball

Photo by bottled_void

Stress enters everyone’s lives for multiple reasons. I know I have battled stress, and I am sure everyone else has too. There are several ways to handle stress. Some good some bad. It is important to handle the stress well, and if possible grow from the stress. This post will go through some things that help me handle and grow from stress.

Stress Management

I have not been posting for a while, because I have been sick. I have not felt like writing posts with a sinus infection. I have also had a lot of stress in my life, which has probably made me sick, and made it harder for me to get over my sickness. It has been hard to get through, so a few of my next posts will be about stress management. I will go into more detail later but here are some quick tips. Read some Psalms:  David had some hard times and it is good to hear what was going through his mind. Also, pray . . . hard. Let your feelings run their course; fighting them does not help. Finally, talk to people. Bottling up things is a sure-fire way to get an ulcer. Times of stress are opportunity to grow, but it is obviously hard.