June 2011 Posts

Test All the Fonts on Your Computer at Once

see all the fonts on the computer

Photo by Eric Peters

I have made a program that will display all the fonts on your computer at once with a given text. You can check it out at All Font Tester. I got frustrated that such a program did not exist when I was designing a logo for this website. Most program gives a specific word in that font. They do not allow me to see the phrase I wanted in all the fonts on the computer at once. Since I wanted such a program, I figured other people would too. I used java to get the list of fonts installed on the user’s computer. Then everything is passed to JavaScript for the actual displaying of the fonts. I only used java because I had to. I think Java applets are ugly and take a long time to load. I used jQuery for all the JavaScript. Since it is mostly in JavaScript, it looks really nice and updates in real-time. Check out All Font Tester if you have a logo design project coming up.

Best Game to Play With Youth & Young Adults

Glow in the dark Ultimate Frisbee - glow sticks

Photo by luckylynda74

I have played a lot of games, and one of my favorites Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is an amazing game; it even has the word ‘ultimate’ in it. However, there is a way to make it better. Glow-in-the-Dark Ultimate Frisbee is way better than normal Frisbee. The rules are exactly the same, except at night, and with glow in the dark supplies. Somehow it is much more fun, though. I will go through what you will need to play, and best practices I have learned.

How to Get Free Music…legally

Legal Music

Photo by skippyjon

“Everybody does it, so it can’t be wrong.”

That’s what some people think about music pirating. The Bible is pretty clear, though: even if everyone is doing it, it can still be very wrong. However, we are not supposed to use the morality of the world (Romans 12:2). We are not supposed to do the wrong thing just to save money (Matthew 12:32, 1Timothy 6:10). Stealing music is against the law, and we are not supposed to break the law of the government if it is within God’s law (1 Peter 2:13-17). So here I will show you to get free music legally.

Outline of the Bible

Outline of the Bible

Photo by Eric Peters

My current bible study technique is to outline the Bible. It helps me remember what I have read. Also, it helps me with my long-term goal to have the locations of the topics of the bible memorized. I currently am working on Deuteronomy and Matthew. You can see my work so far here. I’m hoping by putting this on the Internet, it will give me more motivation to do it. The outline will obviously leave stuff out, and I am not trying not to put my interpretation of the bible in the outline. I am trying just to explain what is happening in the verse. My outline is currently averaging about 25% of the words in the original text. So it is not exhaustive, but it is not sparse either. This will helpfully help someone else with their bible study, too.

How Not to Distract Your Audience

Don't distract your audiance

Photo by Mohammad Jangda

Sometimes I can get easily distracted. When a church has a projector and has nothing to put on the screen, please just use a blank black slide. Do not just put a picture of a dove, or an animation of a waterfall just because it looks cool. It is distracting. Just because  you have a projector does not mean you have to use it all the time. A good blank slide gives my eyes rest and helps me focus on the preacher. When there is random stuff on the screen, my eyes go to the screen and not the preacher. A black slide will make the projector emit the least amount of light possible, short of turning it off. It makes sure I am not pulled away from the preacher towards the screen.


Blank is Beautiful