How to Get Free Music…legally

Legal Music

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“Everybody does it, so it can’t be wrong.”

That’s what some people think about music pirating. The Bible is pretty clear, though: even if everyone is doing it, it can still be very wrong. However, we are not supposed to use the morality of the world (Romans 12:2). We are not supposed to do the wrong thing just to save money (Matthew 12:32, 1Timothy 6:10). Stealing music is against the law, and we are not supposed to break the law of the government if it is within God’s law (1 Peter 2:13-17). So here I will show you to get free music legally.


Streaming is where you can get music for free on your computer through the Internet. Nothing actually stays on the computer. One favorite of many is Pandora. It looks for music that you will like based on your feelings about other songs. My personal favorite, though, is Grooveshark. It lets you listen to almost any music you want. All the major artists are there, and some minor artists. Unlike Pandora, you get full control of what plays and when. There are also no audio ads in Grooveshark. I use Grooveshark all the time.

Downloading Commercial Songs

This is where you actually get to keep the MP3s on your computer, and put them into your MP3 player. Amazon always has a list of free songs to download everyday. I have gotten christian songs like Avalon’s Alive from Amazon, and old school songs like Can’t Touch This. They have new songs all the time to download. Another route is to sign up for a mailing list from a record label that has bands you like. Every summer, Tooth & Nail releases about 15 songs for free to download from their artists’ playlist.

Download Non-copyrighted Songs

Another, and probably better route, is to download non-copyrighted songs. These songs are songs that the artist wants you to download and share. There are no laws to stoop you from copying these songs — an unlimited amount of songs. These songs are usually licensed with a Creative Commons license. The master repository of all things that are free to download, The Internet Archive, has a huge amount of free songs. Unfortunately, I hate the user interface. Creative Commons has a list of websites with way better interfaces that you can get free music from. On the list are two of my favorites Jamendo and Free Music Archive.

Hopefully you will not have to download any illegal songs now, even if you are cheap like me.

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