My Spiritual Gift is Looking Stupid

Silly Faces

Photo by D'Arcy Norman

When I am working with youth and kids, I have learned one of the best things I can do is act stupid. Kids and youth want to look “cool”, which really means they do not want to play fun games and enjoy themselves. If the kids would actually play the games, they would really like playing them. No one wants to be the first one and risk social ridicule. I do not care about social ridicule. I am the first one out playing the game, with no care about what people think. I have a lot of fun doing it to. Other people see me have fun, so they join. Everyone has a gift, and mine is looking stupid.



Dan O'Neil

about 8 years ago

Hi Eric, That's a great gift to have! You are one of life's great encouragers... helping people to lift themselves in order to be happy. I've worked hard to make this a part of my character, although it doesn't come naturally, I love letting the little boy in me run riot at times! I read a post recently where they were talking about calling it an aspiration - so although it's a strength, you are still aspiring to mastery of something! I like this, as it keeps you in check and reminds you that there is still a long way to go with any endeavour! Keep up the good work, Dan.


Eric Peters

about 8 years ago

Hey Dan, I am glad someone else thinks looking stupid is a gift. Good luck letting the crazy kid inside of you out.


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