May 2011 Posts

Massive Lists of Kid Games

Kids playing game

Photo By WellspringCS

Having a slough of children’s games can be very useful at times. A nightmare for me is having a bunch of kids and nothing to do. Kids get into trouble when they are left to their own devices. So I like to have many kids’ games that I can start when the opportunity presents itself. I cannot stress how amazing it is to have large groups of kids occupied with games. So here are websites that have massive lists of games.

My Spiritual Gift is Looking Stupid

Silly Faces

Photo by D'Arcy Norman

When I am working with youth and kids, I have learned one of the best things I can do is act stupid. Kids and youth want to look “cool”, which really means they do not want to play fun games and enjoy themselves. If the kids would actually play the games, they would really like playing them. No one wants to be the first one and risk social ridicule. I do not care about social ridicule. I am the first one out playing the game, with no care about what people think. I have a lot of fun doing it to. Other people see me have fun, so they join. Everyone has a gift, and mine is looking stupid.


Cheapest Online Donation Tools for Nonprofits


donations church

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If your like me, I forget to tithe and end up making a big check that includes about 2 months of tithes. I know it is small, but I always forget to bring a check. One way around that is online donation. I researched many online donation tools, and found the cheapest.

How to Prevent Volunteer Burnout

Burned Matches

Courtesy of hermanturnip

When volunteering, it is hard not to become jaded by a situation. By jaded, I mean cynical and discouraged by the volunteering experience. I have been at volunteering events where everyone walks around with a scowl on their face. It does not have to be that way, though. I have been in rough situations, and seen people still love what they do, and not be jaded at all. They are all in a difficult situation, but they still work hard for the Lord. There are many reasons for this, but I think one prime reason is The Debrief.