Church Website Visitors: Who They Are, What They Want

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After meeting with many churches about their websites, I have begun to think there is an inconsistent reality to websites. Many churches believe that a lost person will be surfing on the web, randomly find their church website, realize the error of their ways, and go to their church that Sunday. I am not going to say that it will never happen–God is all-powerful, so it can happen. However, there are really 3 different types of visitors that will account for 95% of the traffic on your church website.

  1. The Church Member – A member of your church
  2. The Church Shopper – A regular church goer, looking for a new church
  3. The Referred Guest – Got your web address from a church outreach, or one of your church members.

This post series will go over the 3 types of visitors. It will describe what they are looking for, and how to help them find it. It is important that you make the wanted information easy to find. From your own experience, it is extremely frustrating when you go to a website and can’t find the information your want. Don’t make your church website like that.

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